【How to get to Tsunashima R】AUDACITY JAPAN TOUR 2019

今週末開催される、AUDACITY JAPANの会場についてのお知らせです!少し駅から離れているので、ご来場されるかたはお手数ですが、下記交通手段でお越しください!

For anyone who is planning to come out to our show at Tunashima R, please use one of transportation system bellow! We will be playing at a record store located about 10 minutes away from the station by Taxi and by walk it takes about 20-30 minutes.


For Details on the show please check out here.



Tel: 045-717-7335

MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/zbegxZuTmM62

最も近いのは綱島駅ですが徒歩で20~30分ほどかかります。 下記駅からバスで7,8分ほどなので是非バスもご利用ください。バス停はいずれも”鷹野大橋”です。 タクシーだと綱島駅から1000円ほどです。

日93系統 [東急バス]

綱島駅 →日吉駅東口
日93系統 [東急バス]


鶴04系統 [臨港バス]

鶴04系統 [臨港バス]


Hot to get there:

The closest station is Tsunashima Station (綱島駅, Tsunashima-eki) , a railway station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line. Tsunashima R is about 20-30 min. walk from the station or about ten minutes with approx. 1000yen ride fair(recommended). The bus stop to get off at is  Takano ōhashi.

NOTICE: Make sure to get off at Takano ōhashi bus stop for all bus transportation.

・Bus from Tokyu Touyoko Hiyoshi Station:
Hiyoshi East Exist to Tsunashima Station
日93系統  [Tokyu Bus ]

・Bus from Tokyu Touyoko Tunashima Station:
Tsunashima Station to Hiyoshi East Exist
日93系統  [Tokyu Bus ]

・Bus from JR Tsurumi Station:
Trusuminishiguchi to Shin Kawasaki kōtsū hiroba
鶴04系統 [Rinkō basu]

・Bus from JR Shin Kawasaki :
Shin Kawasaki kōtsū hiroba to Trusuminishiguchi
鶴04系統 [Rinkō basu]

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